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Kruse kontrol mod reviews

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kruse kontrol mod reviews

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Tom Anderson.Messages: Likes Received: Has any of you had the SuperSonic mod done to your ? Do you like it? How does it sound? I have listened to the clips on the Kruse website and I'm not sure what to make of it so far. MOD and curious about the SuperSonic mod. Messages: 1, Likes Received: Kruse has a superior ear for cleans- my amps on ch1 can get crystal clean to gritty clean to Led Zep rock.

Really amazing tones there. I often have only a sliver of it on, sometimes up to 10 oclock, sometimes off. It is worth to me but I wouldn't say that mod is an absolute must have based on the brightness of the stock 50w. Kruse has set prices on each mod but in the past the more you buy the more discounts are offered. Everybody needs that!

The variac is also amazing. Communication and turnaround is stellar. Hey thanks for the info!

Variac Vacillation

So it sounds like the SuperSonic mod is another pot that is added, and I can dial it all the way out if I want to go stock? Messages: 8, Likes Received: 1, Just waiting to hear back from him to possibly pick it up or trade for it! TheWarAgainstTimeJan 6, Last edited: Jan 6, By frac82January 16, in Spider Valve.

I have. I sent mine to Jens for that mod and couldn't believe the difference in the sound - much better, especially for the distortion. The samples on the web site are accurate.

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In comparison, the pre-mod sound seems constrained to me, but after seems more Marshall like - unstrained and forward,I guess. Don't know what he did, but it definitely made a big difference. I have an SV Mk2. For me in Canada, with currency exchange rates being at an almost historic high, it would have been way too expensive at least for me with shipping and mod cost. If I was living in or around LA, I would have given it some serious consideration, especially after Keith's comments above.

I think they are great amps. It requires modding the PCB. You would have to send the amp to me. I am considering this mod?? I don't need actual schematics, but would like a simple break down of what is being done to my amp! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

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Reply to this topic Start new topic.Any of you guys had any experience with this?

kruse kontrol mod reviews

The clips sounds pretty good, lots of clarity, but who knows? No experience with that mod, but Jens is very professional and fast turn around. He modded my VH4 and it was remarkable. I would have never sold it except for a move. Best amp I ever played and I've played damn near all of em. I don't know anything about that mod but Voodoo and FJA both do mods to give you independent control over Ch1 and Ch2 gain and volume on the front of the amp using concentric pots and then there's this insanity that Salvation mods seems to be doing now, adding a full clean channel EQ to the 50w I think the stock EVH amp sounds the best in those first clips Not sure why people would want an independent complete clean on these amps.

Anyone Use Kruse Kontrol Amps for Mods ?

The cleans are clear and pristine enough to my ear and the green channel opened up is old school goodness! I had Jens work on my one of my Diezels he was fast, honest and proffesional the amp sounds killer i will be sending another amp to him soon. Jens did the variac powerscaling mod to my Splawn. Great communication. He was done and ready to ship in 6 business days. Amp has been flawless, works great and is such a cool feature to have.

The stealth supersonic samples sound good, but almost too hifi for my ears. Maybe it's the vintage 30's he uses in his clips.

But on his sound clip page, that is my Quickrod. Good to know Jens does good work, have to give him a call and discuss my 50w.

BTW you guys who modded your Diezel, all I can say is "why"? All the Diezel I've tried sounded incredible stock. You guys are tone chasers ,lol. My Diezel was damaged due to a crap packing job from the seller while it was there I had him do a Dekompression mod and the repair and the mod sounds way better in person than the demos on his site it was worth every penny his communication was great too.

Deanmachine wrote: My Diezel was damaged due to a crap packing job from the seller while it was there I had him do a Dekompression mod and the repair and the mod sounds way better in person than the demos on his site it was worth every penny his communication was great too. I had my 50 watt modded by Jens. Mine was the first one to get the stealth mod and I'll admit it sounds great but now it's developed a loud hum that seems to be directly related to the separate gain knob installed for the blue channel.

It's so loud the blue channel is unusable now. I tried new tubes but it didn't solve the problem I want to clarify that I'm not saying that the problem was caused by Jens Kruse or the mods because I really don't know for sure but I used the amp for a couple years before having it modded without problems and just a couple months afterwards I developed this nasty hum. On the other hand Jens was a great guy to deal with and the turnaround time was very short.

I'm still not sure if I want to pay the shipping to send it back to him or just have someone local fix it now. I"ve used Jens to mod my same twice so far. Past year I've had some troubles with the boards so I sent the amp back to Jens to install new boards and re-mod it.

Got it back and wasn't working correctly. Apparently it got damaged in shipping so its on its way back to him. Will report back on my outcome once I get the amp back. I had my second amp modded by Jens i went to his studio and he is great at explaining the details he very professional no ego at all and very fast the amp was a Herbert and I got a variac and Dekomp mod sounds killer.Log in or Sign up.

The Gear Page. Apr 8, 1. Messages: Want to get my marshal plexi modded but want feedback from the community on this vender "kruse kontrol amps" Anyone use him and can report experiences?

I was quoted a few hundred right off the bat for voicing tweaks. Your thoughts? Jontz71Apr 8, Dec 12, 2. Messages: 6, Too bad you never got any replies.

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I found this thread because I'm thinking of sending a couple amps to him and wanted to see what the community here thought of his mods. NamaEnsouDec 12, Dec 12, 3. Had sent my ceriatone yeti for tweaks in tone. He suggested replacing the output transformer which we did.

kruse kontrol mod reviews

Was wanting more mids and crunch. Ended up selling the amp and got a splawn quickrod which seems more up my alley in tone. He did not like my sense of 80's thin metal tone. So we disagreed often there other than that I think he's worth a try on at least one amp and go from there.Discussion in ' Amps and Cabs ' started by RedmazDec 15, Log in or Sign up.

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The Gear Page. Sep 16, Messages: AlanCSep 16, He works on George Lynch, Vivian campbell, Steve Morse, Guns and Roses and many pros guitar amps and he made my 50 watt freakin scream!

Like i said it's not for the faint of heart but I approached him with what I wanted and also followed his recommendation on a couple other mods and my amp sounds incredible. The day I got it back I brought it to our rehearsal room and my drummer like to pooped his pants when he heard it. We were both "floored" at how much better it sounded than stock.

I don't want to get into a debate about if you should mod your amp or not and I completely understand some people don't like to do it but for me personally the III stock was "Almost" there and now with a couple mods It "Smokes" most any amp I've ever heard in my life Messages: 2, Question, I posted on another forum about being interested in the new combo coming out. Many thought that it's a cool idea but overpriced and suggested getting the combo instead and saving a bunch of money.

I guess my question is for those that have compared s and IIIs, are they similar in tone or is there much difference? Messages: 1, R Weaver FXSep 16, I had a Mooer Ensemble King on the board previously and the EVH's loop made it painfully clear how much a CElike chorus takes away high-end and low-end.

Since I had a M previously -and stupidly sold it- I was glad that the 2 tone-knobs can tweak it so that the 'loss of tone' is minimal. And frankly, the way I've set up the M now very subtleis so damn beautiful I almost want to leave it on all the time.

SpeeddemonSep 16, Turns out it's the Boss pedals. I plugged a cable straight from the send to the return and didn't get the volume drop and tone shift. Once I plugged up the Boss, it happened.

Guess I'll pick up something newer that will play nice in the loop. Sep 18,